A better way to manage safety and security

Save time and gain confidence and control over your safety and security operations.

The SecuTools Model

SecuTools is built with one goal in mind: ease the challenges you are facing in day to day management of safety, environment and security operations.

This is why we built a unique HSE management data model which recognizes all the important actors that play a role in keeping your business safe: employees, tasks, hazards, events, measures and more.

By giving you the right tools track your safety and security processes, capture the data you need and see how things connect to each other, SecuTools gives you unparalleled visibility and control over your organization’s HSE performance.

SecuTools By Example

Let’s imagine a hazardous chemical.

This chemical is a risk for people who work with it, for the products of your company or for the entire organization. It needs to be regularly inspected, reported on and sometimes moved around.

Without SecuTools, you would have a very hard time understanding your total risk of working with this chemical.   There are people, events, and actions taking place every day and you are trying to make sense of them by looking at a dozen separate reports.

If you multiply this scenario with multiple locations with multiple hazardous chemicals, you can see how this easily spins of out control. It becomes very hard to understand what is your risk exposure, what do you need to do to reduce it and what have you done so far.

With SecuTools, all you need to do is enter your locations, chemicals,  people, and hazards they are facing, then start tracking your day to day tasks and projects in the system.  SecuTools will automatically link related items together and give you the full visibility into the HSE operations of your organization so you have the confidence you need to manage and make decisions.

With SecuTools, managing safety, environment and security becomes a lot easier.

Here Is What SecuTools Helps You Track


Enter any number of employees in the system and assign them projects and tasks while instantly seeing the hazards they are facing across locations they are working in. As you add new equipment, chemicals or valuables to any location, SecuTools automatically builds a new list of employee hazards for you!

Locations and Hazards

Specify locations and what potential hazards are you facing in each location, then link the hazards to their sources – equipment, chemicals, valuables or the location itself.  As you add more equipment or move things around on the floor, see how SecuTools always maintains a real-time list of hazards for each location.


Knowing the hazards you are facing, specify what needs to be done to make each location safe then start recording what your employees are actually doing. SecuTools will compare the applied measures with required measures and instantly tell you how well are you doing and what you need to do to reduce your risk.


Build a list of competencies your employees need to manage the risks and hazards successfully.  Track which competencies are being met by each employee by specifying their training plan and tracking completed training.

…and more.

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