All The Features You’ll Ever Need To Manage Workplace Safety and Security

SecuTools manages all of your workplace health, safety and security concerns, end-to-end.

Key Features

Total HSE Solution

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper reports. SecuTools Manages all the links between the different corporate security items, such as hazards, causes, measures, employees, skills, training and more.

Powerful Reporting & Remote Data Collection

Collect data on-site or remotely, then save time and avoid mistakes with dynamic reports in Excel, PDF or web format. SecuTools is a 21st century tool that gives you real-time information to run your business.

Users & Permissions Management

Add as many users you need while ensuring each user has only those permissions required to do his job. Stay in control by limiting access to functionalities, items, documents, and more.

Always Up to Date

SecuTools is updated over cloud so you are always using the best and the latest version. You never have to worry about updating or upgrading your software.

Flexible, Extensible

SecuTools grows with your organization. Start with a basic version and add modules as you need them. SecuTools works the way you want it, not the way we want it.

Document System

Easily fullfil the documentation requirements using a simple document management system that accepts all types of files, including images, audio and video.

Templating Engine

Manage your master security template, and your changes will be propagated to all child entities.


SecuTools works on Mac & PC and on any mobile device. You simply need an Internet access.

Customizable KPI’s

SecuTools enables the clients to create and customize the strategic and operational level KPI’s they need.

Key Modules


SecuTools allows you set up the dashboards you need and see everything at a glance. Alternatively, you can export the raw data to Excel spreadsheet and manage it in any way you prefer. You can also create data collection templates to get the information you need remotely.


Define which measures (mandatory or recommended) correspond to which hazards. Later, when a hazard is assigned to a location, the entire set of linked measures is automatically displayed. You simply have to tell SecuTools if these measures are in place or not. In addition, the system will warn you if a measure has a limited time of validity.


SecuTools supports different families of events: H&S, Security, Environment, Operations and others. Events are sorted by severity and e-mail notifications are automatically sent out for all new events, based on the defined mailing lists. Every type of attachment can be uploaded within the event itself to keep all the relevant information in the same place. Event statistics and Excel exporting functionality is also available.








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