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What is SecuTools?

SecuTools is an integrated management and operational risk management software. It allows you to manage multiple aspects of operational risk in one place (EH&S, security, fire protection, etc) and offers all the features needed to manage the every day operations in these matters.

SecuTools comes with a set of templates including different hazards, measures, etc. so no one has to start from scratch.

SecuTools is simple, user-oriented and effective immediately.


Is SecuTools right for my organization?

SecuTools fits any type of organization, regardless of the size or the number of employees. You are free to set up the system to match your organization, using some or all the features SecuTools offers.


What can I do with SecuTools?

With SecuTools, you gain control of the entire operational side of EHS and security, from concept and document management to events and statistics. You can even create and print chemical labels in accordance with the CLP requirements. For more information, see a full list of SecuTools features.


Do I need special IT support or training?

SecuTools is user friendly and no IT training is required. SecuTools follows your usual workflow, connecting items to the full extent of a relational data base to help you extract the relevant information.


Who else uses SecuTools?

Watchmakers, cash and valuables in transit companies, freight forwarders, precious metal refiners, construction companies and chemical industries are among some companies using SecuTools.


Will SecuTools work with my process?

SecuTools will follow your workflow. You simply create the links between different entities in your process and SecuTools does the rest.


How much does it cost?

Pricing is risk-based and depends on the number of sites and employees. Contact us today to receive an accurate quote.


How long until I see the results?

SecuTools delivers results exceptionally fast. You’ll get results within hours, not even days.

SecuTools ® allows you to:

  • Obtain clear objectives and accountability
  • Have a clear working methodology
  • Have a delegation and control tool
  • Centralize all information related to HSE operations
  • Align risk management with company policies
  • Fulfill your duties and responsibilities with a set of tools to manage all aspects of EH&S, Security and more.

SecuTools ® allows all employees to:

  • Understand the tasks delegated to them
  • Quickly and easily access to documentation related to safety, directive, regulations, etc. at all times
  • Get involved in safety management


What is included in the SaaS version?

SaaS version of SecuTools includes continuous maintenance and product upgrades.  You will always be using the latest and best version of SecuTools!

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