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SecuTools helps you keep an eye on your safety & security procedures so you never miss anything.

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Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets.
Say hello to SecuTools.

SecuTools gives you a better system to organize and manage your work.
Start by telling it about employees, hazards, equipment, and measures you take, then see how everything easily connects as you start entering data.
It’s a new, better way of handling day to day safety and security management.

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A complete set of tools for any industry

We know your biggest concern is whether SecuTools fits your business.
SecuTools is built by HSE professionals for HSE professionals, after 20 years of experience in the field. Whatever your industry is, you will have all the features you need, when you need them, with maximum flexibility.

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Always up to date

Your needs may change, but you never have to worry about the outdated software you have to update and maintain manually. SecuTools is a cloud application, which means you always use the best and latest version without any work or costs on your side.

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