How SecuTools Works

SecuTools is based on a model – set of entities that are related in a certain way. The simplified model is presented below.

SecuTools Model

Let’s see it more detail. We can start from chemical – some chemicals are dangerous. They are dangerous either for people who work with them, for the goods in the company or for the entire organization. That is represented with a line connecting the chemical box with danger box. Various locations contain different chemicals. Therefore the dangers that are related to a chemical are also present the location where it is contained.

It is the same for machines and valuables. Machines or valuables are also source of danger and are located at some place. Therefore the location can inherit dangers from machines or valuables.

Location itself can be a source of danger and that is represented with a relation between location and danger.


Now let’s check how it impacts people who are working in the company. Most of the people have a place of work (office, workshop, etc.). By working at specific location they are exposed to dangers related to that location.

Some employees have no specific location of work due to nature of their job – i.e. maintenance team, firefighters, etc. They are exposed to dangers due to belonging to a specific organizational unit. That is why organization unit are is directly related to dangers.

To summarize – each employee is exposed to dangers either by working at specific location or being a part of the organization unit.


For each danger it is possible to define set of requirements that need to be met to make the work safe and secure. Measures are set of requirements for location. Competences are set of requirements for employees.
Now let’s see how we can get the set of requirements for locations and people.

For the location – (first??) we check what dangers are related directly to the location, than we check which dangers are inherited from machines, valuables and chemicals placed at the location. The list of dangers is then complete. Then, for each danger from the list we then check what measures are required.


Secutools also enables recording information about applied measures (“measure log” box).

Now it is possible to match the list of required measures with the list of applied measures. That way we can get the list of
missing measures!

For the employee – we check where the person works. From that location we collect the dangers using the same procedure as described above. Then we check the organization unit and add the dangers related to it. For each danger from the list we can check what competences are required for the employees.


Competences can be obtained through training. That means we can check what trainings are required for each employee that works at certain location and in specific organizational unit.

Number of employees has specific competences as a part of their profession – i.e. firefighters are trained to deal with fire. Others can obtain them by attending trainings.

For each employee it is now possible to match the list of required competences with the list of competences he/she possess and check if any competence is missing!

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